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Concrete T-Nails

Jewel City Tools offers a variety of Concrete T-Nails. We carry headless pins, nails, screws and staples from the best brands including Senco, Grex, Cadex, Unicatch, SpotNails, and many more!

Our T-nail fasteners are galvanized & heat treated, available in 0.097" and 0.087" 5/8"-2-1/2"

Our T-Nails are compatible with Bostitch MIII812CNCT and Grex 2564

Similar T-Nails to Bostitch BT4, BT471XH-2.5M, BT481H-2.5M, BT484GXH-2.5M, BT490XH-2.5M, BT499H-2.5M